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Making sure the roof perimeter is safe and sound

Gutters are one home features that often go neglected until an issue arrises. Leaks or clogs can cause water issues, and even roof damage. It may be obvious when they have a problem, but after decades, it's good to make certain. Keeping them clear of debris is the first step, but making sure there is good connection between gutters and roofing is definitely worthwhile. If your gutters are more than 20 years old, they are likely starting to look aged with paint damage or mildew, and if replacement is your desire, they are quite affordable to do so, and some people choose to so this at the same time as installing a new roof.

Gutter Inspection

To determine if you need a replacement gutter system, you first need to check for any damage, as fixing it would be a necessary step. Flashing and storm spouts should be inspected carefully. Exposure time to the elements can reduce the lifetime of your gutter system, so doing repairs before installion would be ideal.

Gutter Installation

Another big question we get asked is something about how to properly install new gutters. There are many choices, but the process is straight-forward for experience pros, so have no fear, we can guide you through the process and help process any feedback you may have. Something you can easily check without having to buy a gutter system is whether your gutters remain true or have warpage. Many gutters are flimsy with joints that sometimes collapse or separate. If your gutters were to move in any way, it can allow water to flow off your house, leading to water damage both inside and outside your home.

What Roofing Service is Needed?


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