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Emergency Roof Repair for Leak Finding and Fixing

If your roof has sprung a leak, a fast fix will ensure your home or building stays water free, and minimize any damage that may occur. Detecting the origin of the leak and knowing how to quickly repair it is what we do. Reach out and we can inspect, prevent the leak from spreading, and implement the right solution!  Here are just a few common leak types to watch out for; shingle fissures, crazing, hail damage, failed waterproofing, ice dams, or clogged and overflowing rain gutters.  Some of these issues, such as ice dams, can be worsened with poor roof ventilation.

Preventing Water Damage

When roofing leaks, water will wreck havoc on attic spaces, insulation, wood work, and especially drywall and carpeting.  An undetected leak could lead to a long term flow of water that can lead to disastrous black mold. Keeping up-to-date roofing is the best way to prevent this issue, but if an issue happens, such as a flashing seal leak or other installation error from previous labor, or any other unforeseen cause as mentioned, getting the fix in place fast is the ultimate priority.

Handling an Active Leak

Active leaks can be covered or deterred, and in the case of a leak discovered during heavy rain - move all valuables away from the leak and begin using some form of water collection system such as buckets, or coolers.  A tarp placed on the flooring can be tethered high on the sides, directing the water to a safer landing space, or single collection tub.  If the leak is discovered during non-business hours, remember that rain does have a limited capacity, and the active leak can be mitigated by simply emptying the tubs, or even using a simple fountain pump and hose, emptying the tub to a nearby sink.  We certainly want to help you prevent that troubling occurrence from happening again, and are experienced in resolving the damage caused by the current leak you may have unfortunately discovered.

What Roofing Service is Needed?


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